March 11, 2019

Why Does Client Often Fail to Obtain An IP Address

Why does the client often fail to obtain an IP address if CISCO and CT2504 are used for main equipment?
Asked: Two CISCO wireless controllers 2504 is used as HA, and the Layer 3 switches in the network provide the DHCP services. The notebook, ipad, and mobile phone obtain the IP address provided by the DHCP of the Layer 3 switch through the connection AP. When only one wireless controller is enabled,the IP address is obtained normally, and both wireless controllers are enabled, the client Often Fail to Obtain the IP address. Trying to solve this problem for several days, but it is hard to deal with and there is no idea. Who has encountered the same problem? How can you deal with it?
Answered 1:
Is the main equipment configuration correct? Normally, the HA supported by the 2504 is required to switch time, and it is only associated with one master.
The main configuration is identical, except that the management address is different from the name of the wireless controller.

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