January 12, 2019

Cisco 200-105 Exam Dumps, 100% Pass Guarantee

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200-105 exam dumps

The latest 200-105 exam dumps (30Q&As)

What is the name of the procmail configuration file that is placed in a user home directory? (Specify the file name only
without any path.)
Correct Answer: .procmailrc

An SSH server is configured to use tcp_wrappers and only hosts from the class C network should be
allowed to access it. Which of the following lines would achieve this, when entered in/etc/hosts.allow?
A. ALLOW: : sshd
B. sshd : : ALLOW
C. : ALLOW: sshd
D. tcpD. sshd : : ALLOW
E. sshd : ALLOW:
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following recipes will append emails from andquot;rootandquot; to the andquot;rootmailsandquot;
A. :0c: rootmails
* ^From.*root
B. :0c:
* ^From.*root
C. :0c:
* ^From=root
D. :0c:
* ^From=*root
E. :0c: $From= $root rootmails
Correct Answer: B

Which tool can be used to create Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) for running an Apache server with HTTPS?
A. apachectl
B. certgen
C. csrtool
D. httpsgen
E. openssl
Correct Answer: E

A security-conscious administrator would change which TWO of the following lines found in an SSH configuration file?
A. Protocol 2, 1
B. PermitEmptyPasswords no
C. Port 22
D. PermitRootLogin yes
E. IgnoreRhosts yes
Correct Answer: AD

Which command is used to administer IPv6 netfilter rules?
A. iptables
B. iptablesv6
C. iptables6
D. ip6tables
E. ipv6tables
Correct Answer: D

On a Linux router, packet forwarding for IPv4 has been enabled. After a reboot, the machine no longer forwards IP
packets from other hosts. The commanD.
echo 1 andgt; /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward temporarily resolves this issue. Which one of the following options is the
best way to ensure this setting is saved across system restarts?
A. Add echo 1 andgt; /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to the root user login script. B. Add echo 1 andgt; /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to any user login script.
C. In /etc/sysctl.conf change net.ipv4.ip_forward to 1.
D. In /etc/rc.local add net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1.
E. In /etc/sysconfig/iptables-config add ipv4.ip_foward = 1.
Correct Answer: C

Which TWO of the following commands could be used to add a second IP address to eth0?
A. ifconfig eth0 – add ip
B. ifconfig eth0:1
C. ifconfig eth0 1
D. ifconfig eth0 +
E. ifconfig eth0:sub1
Correct Answer: BE

In a PAM configuration file, which of the following is true about the required control flag?
A. If the module returns success, no more modules of the same type will be invoked
B. The success of the module is needed for the module-type facility to succeed. If it returns a failure, control is returned
to the calling application
C. The success of the module is needed for the module-type facility to succeed. However, all remaining modules of the
same type will be invoked.
D. The module is not critical and whether it returns success or failure is not important.
E. If the module returns failure, no more modules of the same type will be invoked
Correct Answer: C

Given the following section of a ISC DHCPD configuration filE.
subnet netmask {

# Set the default gateway to be used by
# the PC clients
option _____________; …
What keyword is missing in order to provide a default gateway address to clients?
A. gateway
B. nexthop
C. route
D. routers
E. transit
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is needed, to synchronise the UNIX password with the Samba password, when the encrypted
Samba password in the smbpasswd file is changed?
A. Nothing, because this is not possible.
B. Run netvamp regularly, to convert the passwords.
C. Run winbind –sync, to synchronise the passwords.
D. Add unix password sync = yes to smb.conf.
E. Add smb unix password = sync to smb.conf.
Correct Answer: D

Which TWO of the following options are valid, in the /etc/exports file?
A. rw
B. ro
C. rootsquash
D. norootsquash
E. uid
Correct Answer: AB

Which of the following daemons will monitor log files for inappropriate activity, such as login attempts, from remote IP
addresses and will add netfilter rules to block the offending address?
A. fail2ban
B. portsentry C. openids
D. logwatch
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following organisations track and report on security related flaws in computer technology? (Please select
TWO answers)
A. Bugtraq
D. Freshmeat
E. Kernel.org
Correct Answer: AC

Which environment variables are used by ssh-agent? (Please select TWO variables)
Correct Answer: BC

You suspect that you are receiving messages with a forged From: address. What could help you find out where the mail
is originating?
A. Install TCP wrappers, and log all connections on port 25
B. A dd the command \’FR-strlog\’ to the sendmail.cf file
C. Add the command \’define (\’LOG_REAL_FROM\’) dnl\’ to the sendmail.mc file
D. Run a filter in the aliases file that checks the originating address when mail arrives
E. Look in the ReceiveD. and Message-ID. parts of the mail header
Correct Answer: E

What command must be used to print the kernel\’s routing table?
A. route print
B. route enumerate
C. route show
D. route list
E. route
Correct Answer: E

To allow X connections to be forwarded from or through an SSH server, what configuration keyword must be set to yes
in the sshd configuration file?
A. AllowForwarding
B. ForwardingAllow
C. X11ForwardingAllow
D. X11Forwarding
Correct Answer: D

In what mode is your FTP session when the client side makes the connections to both the data and command ports of
the FTP server?
A. passive
B. active
C. impassive
D. safe
E. inactive
Correct Answer: A

Unlike many other services, OpenSSH cannot be configured to hide its version information without recompiling from
source code. What is the primary reason for this disclosure of version information?
A. There are many inconsistent SSH client and server versions. This information is used to enable protocol compatibility
B. The information is used for surveys of SSH servers on the internet by the OpenSSH project.
C. Being a security centric application, the OpenSSH developers do not rely on security through obscurity. D. It is used by network auditing tools to report on when versions of ssh require security updates.
Correct Answer: A

A network has many network printers connected and they should get their addresses using DHCP. What information
from each printer is needed to always assign them the same IP address when dhcpd is used as the DHCP server?
A. MAC address
B. Host name
C. Serial number
D. Factory default IP address
E. Built-in network card type
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following commands can gather entries from the specified administrative NIS database group?
A. ypserv group
B. getent group
C. rpcinfo group
D. ypbind group
E. yppoll group
Correct Answer: B

Which configuration block in Nginx is used to define settings for a reverse proxied web server?
A. server
B. location
C. reverse
D. http
Correct Answer: B

How must Samba be configured, so that it can check passwords against the ones in /etc/passwd and / etc/ shadow?
A. Set the parameters andquot;encrypt passwords = yesandquot; and andquot;password file = /etc/passwdandquot;. B. Set the parameters andquot;encrypt passwords = yesandquot;, andquot;password file = /etc/passwdandquot; and
andquot;password algorithm =cryptandquot;
C. Delete the smbpasswd file and create a symbolic link to the passwd and shadow file
D. It is not possible for Samba to use/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow
E. Run smbpasswd to convert /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow to a Samba pass word file
Correct Answer: D

What command can be used to add a new newsgroup called ABC that allows posting?
A. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller n news
B. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller y news
C. ctlinnd addgroup Certkiller y news
D. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller +rw news
E. ctlinnd addgroup Certkiller +rw news
Correct Answer: B

Performing a DNS lookup with dig results in this answer: What might be wrong in the zone definition?
pass4itsure 117-202 question
A. Nothing. All seems to be good.
B. There\’s no andquot;.andquot; after linuserv.example.net in the PTR record in the forward lookup zone file.
C. There\’s no andquot;.andquot; after linuserv in the PTR record in the forward lookup zone file.
D. There\’s no andquot;.andquot; after linuserv.example.net in the PTR record in the reverse lookup zone file.
E. The andquot;.andquot; in the NS definition in reverse lookup zone has to be removed.
Correct Answer: D

When Apache is configured to use name-based virtual hosts:
A. it\’s also necessary to configure a different IP address for each virtual host.
B. the Listen directive is ignored by the server.
C. it starts multiple daemons (one for each virtual host).
D. it\’s also necessary to create a VirtualHost block for the main host.
E. only the directives ServerName and DocumentRoot may be used inside a block.
Correct Answer: D

What does the testparm command confirm regarding Samba configuration?
A. The configuration file will load successfully.
B. The services will operate as expected.
C. The Samba services will be started automatically when the system boots.
D. The netfilter configuration of the Samba server does not block any access to the services defined in the
Correct Answer: A

The new file server is a member of the Windows domain andquot;fooandquot;. Which TWO of the following
configuration sections will allow members of the domain group andquot;allandquot; to read, write and execute files in
A. [data] comment = data share path = /srv/smb/data write list = @foo+all force group = @foo+all create mask = 0550
directory mask = 0770
B. [data] comment = data share path = /srv/smb/data write list = @foo+all force group = @foo+all create mask = 0770
directory mask = 0770
C. [data] path = /srv/smb/data write list = @foo+all force group = @foo+all create mask = 0770 directory mask = 0770
D. [data] comment = data share path = /srv/smb/data write list = @foo+all force group = @foo+all directory mask =
E. [data] comment = data share path = /srv/smb/data write list = @foo+all force group = all create mask = 0550 directory
mask = 0770
Correct Answer: BC

Which records must be entered in a zone file in order to use andquot;Round Robin Load Distributionandquot; for a web
A. www.example.org. 60 IN A www.example.org. 60 IN A www.example.org. 60 IN A192.168.1.3
B. www.example.org. 60 IN A;;
C. www.example.org. 60 IN A 192.168.1-3
D. www.example.org. 60 IN RR 192.168.1:3
E. www.example.org. 60 IN RR;;
Correct Answer: A

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