February 14, 2019

300-208 PDF, Official Certification Guide

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Latest Cisco 300-208 pdf questions and answers (10Q&As)

300-208 pdf QUESTION 1
A downstream packet that contains a DSCP value arrives at the WLC Ethernet interface from the wired source network. The WLC is configured for QoS WLAN 802.1p mapping. How does the WLC treat the CAPWAP QoS marking when leaving the controller interface for the respective AP and final wireless client destination?
A. No outer CAPWAP or inner QoS tagging is applied.
B. The outer CAPWAP CoS is marked and capped and the inner DSCP maintains the original marking.
C. No outer CAPWAP QoS tag is applied, but the original DSCP is maintained inside CAPWAP.
D. The outer CAPWAP DHCP is marked and capped without any inner DSCP value.
Correct Answer: B

300-208 pdf QUESTION 2
A network engineer wants the DSCP marking to align with the 802.11e access category video. What will this marking be?
A. 34
B. AF31
C. 40
D. 56
Correct Answer: A

300-208 pdf QUESTION 3
An engineer receives a digital image scanned from the floor plans of a facility to be surveyed for wireless survey and imported it into Air Magnet Pro. However, the document contains no scale. Which action can the engineer take to most accurately calibrate the size of the floor plan in Air Magnet?
A. Mark the length of a hallway, then count the ceiling tiles, multiply that number by 2 and enter that value.
B. Zoom in and mark across a hallway, then count the floor tiles across that hallway and enter that value.
C. Zoom in and mark a doorway, then size it at 3 feet because most doorways are 36 inches.
D. Mark the entire longest dimension of the floorplan, then use Google Earth to measure the correspondingoutside dimension and enter that value.
Correct Answer: D

300-208 pdf QUESTION 4
While performing a Layer 1 passive wireless site survey of a location an engineer detects several instances of low power frequency hopping interference, but cannot physically locate the interfering device or devices. Why is the engineer unable to locate the offending device or devices?
A. The sources are nearby narrow-beam radar and are sweeping through the facility.
B. The sources are PAN and are mobile.
C. The sources are above the ceiling file and transmit intermittently.
D. The sources are actually high-powered devices and transmit from off the site.
Correct Answer: B

300-208 pdf QUESTION 5
An engineer is assigned to assist a customer by estimating the number of access points needed to provide voice-grade wireless coverage in a carpeted office space.How many access points should be estimated to cover this space of roughly 38,000 square feet?
A. 17
B. 10
C. 6
D. 13
Correct Answer: D

Q300-208 pdf UESTION 6
Which two types of information must be included in the installation inventory portion of the post-installation report? (Choose two.)
A. all AP, controller, and MSE administrator credentials
B. the names, locations, IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc. for every AP, controller, and MSE in the WLAN
C. a layout of the rack that the equipment is installed
D. results of the coverage audit performed with the site survey mapping tool
E. the number and type of all WLAN clients and tags
Correct Answer: AB

300-208 pdf QUESTION 7
An engineer is configuring an autonomous AP for RADIUS authentication. What two pieces of information must be known to configure the AP? (Choose two.)
A. BVI IP address
B. group name
C. RADIUS IP address
D. PAC encryption key
E. username and password
F. shared secret
Correct Answer: CF

300-208 pdf QUESTION 8
An engineer is preparing for an outdoor wireless survey to mesh connect a distant remote building to a connected building.
Which two types of antennas are appropriate for this application? (Choose two.)
A. circular polarized
B. patch
C. dish
D. Yagi
E. omni
Correct Answer: CD

300-208 pdf QUESTION 9
A cabling contractor is working at a customer facility. The contractor is asking what rating of cable should be installed in return-air areas. Which information can be referenced to provide the contractor the requested information?
A. OSHA Codes
C. NEC Ratings
D. IEEE Standards
Correct Answer: B

300-208 pdf QUESTION 10
An engineer plugs in a Cisco Aironet 2700 Series Access Point and it is running in low power. Which three power requirements should be verified? (Choose three.)
A. 802.3ac compliant
B. 802.3at compliant
C. AP requires 43 VDC to function in full power.
D. AIR-PWRINJ3 power injector should be used.
E. AP requires 57 VDC to function in full power.
F. AIR-PWRINJ4 power injector should be used.
Correct Answer: BEF

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