2019 SSCP Certification, Redirecting Options Subject

If I contain a single mastered Switch some devices make in VLANs, 2019 SSCP Certification, but also just a few that arent in a VLAN (VLAN1 automagically I guess, however , 2019 SSCP Certification, nothing VLAN configured own access cities, and I need all website visitors from the button up to the Router and then released, what are very own options? 2019 SSCP Certification, Do i require to use couple of seperate Router Ports, 2019 SSCP Certification, one will receive most of the VLANs visitors and a individual one that may get the targeted traffic from the instruments not from a particular VLAN? 2019 SSCP Certification, Or could i setup a good trunk designed to take together types of site visitors and if therefore , how?
Perhaps you may use a router on a hold fast.

On the interface connecting the router to the switch;
interface <interface id>
SSCP Certification
switchport mode trunk
SSCP Certification
switchport trunk allowed vlan all
switchport trunk native vlan 1
SSCP Certification

In order to allow vlans to traverse the trunk;
SSCP Certification
interface .vlan id–match to vlan id for consistency
ncapsulation dot1q vlan_id
SSCP Certification
ip address <ip address and mConfiguring InterVLAN Routing and ISL/802.1Q Trunking

Hosts would probably then make use of router subinterface ip address being a default gat. 2019 SSCP Certification, It is possible to usage one harbour per vlan, 2019 SSCP Certification, but in a significant network possibly running out of phhsical ports to the router is really real it is made extremely real considering that such communities may have tens of thousands vlans. 2019 SSCP Certification,. Be sure to rate effective posts or mark to be a solution if you are issue is certainly resolved.

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